Somatic Lab

Guided by Kendra Kemenyas, MA

A 8-week Somatic Laboratory for 1st, 2nd, 3rd year Naropa graduate students.

A space to explore body-based wisdom, expand emotional intelligence, play, connect across programs and cohorts, integrate experience, and develop interpersonal/intrapersonal resources.

Meeting weekly in-person in Boulder (55 minutes)


*Option to add on 1:1 support

**Partial Scholarships Available to QTBIPOC + Socioeconomic Hardship

Building an embodied toolbox for future therapists, healers, guides, & educators.

Coming 2024

The backstory… Like many things we create, we make them based on a gap, a need, a desire, an intuitive hit. I graduated into the pandemic in 2020, before that I saw and experienced the difference it made to develop, learn, experiment, and witness with the support of mentors and peers. As well as a deeper need for a container/space to play, experiment, and apply skills in real time not just in 5 minute dyads or endless reflection papers. The reality is Naropa has limited resources and the faculty has limited resources as well. I am not here to analyze or theorize or judge why, I am here with a solution.

Somatic Lab: A somatic container where you have the opportunity to explore the wisdom of your body, expand emotional intelligence, hold emotional waves that is larger than a 3 on a likert scale, connect with peers from different cohorts/programs, play, co-regulate, track transference/countertransference, track the somatic relational field, multicultural awareness, and social justice applying the skills from the books/lectures/classroom in real time. This is not group therapy, this is a container for development and sustainable growth, where we honor Diversity +Radical Self-Responsibility +Social Justice + Paradox + Kindness + Brave-Space, and the space to make repair.

We meet together in-person for 8x weeks for 55 minute labs in a small group, this is a closed group meaning this is not drop in whenever. Folx are committing to showing up fully to the best of their ability.
I am honored and excited to be your guide and fellow traveler on this journey!