Ritual Crafting Consultation

Single Session | 1-Hour Commitment | $222

“Ritual is called for because our soul communicates things to us that the body translates as need, or want, or absence. So we enter into ritual in order to respond to the call of the soul.”

― Malidonma Patrice Somé

In modern times ritual has been reduced and primarily equated with the daily routine, the cup of tea or coffee, the morning meditation and the routines we have throughout the day. Or the full moon ritual with a group of friends.

Ritual is far greater than that and the purpose is profound. Ritual is a living breathing ceremony to mark and honor a specific time and experience in our lives, recognizing the continuous birth-death-birth cycles and transitions in our lives, the lives of our kin, and our communities. Rituals are adaptive containers that create a space to hold the complexities of life experiences and transition(s). Rituals can support the transitional space between here and there, marking an occasion with importance. I am ritual keeper, student, and educator; I am here to support you and collaborate with you in the ritual process.

Ritual crafting consultation is where we combine your need, with your lineage/roots/culture, in a wild organic co-crafting process to create the ritual for whatever needs held, recognized, supported, and celebrated!
I am open to discussing support beyond the crafting/creation phase, depending on availability and alignment.

I am here for it all, including but not limited to:

Birthdays, coming of age, engagement, nuptials, pregnancy, birth, adoption, miscarriage, reproductive choice(s), anniversaries, uncoupling (breakup/divorce), graduation, retirement, passing of a loved one, moving homes, launching a or closing a business, a promotion, life impacting medical diagnosis, going into remission, natural disasters (fire/flood/etc), ecological grief, dark night of the soul, Saturn’s return, the impact of the pandemic, etc, as well rituals that support specific emotions anger, grief, sadness, joy.

I am honored and excited to support you in ritual crafting! 

Help us to cherish the inevitable changes we face. Guide us in ceremony and celebration when our time comes. Teach us to honor the young ones when their bodies and minds shift and mature. Show us how to midwife the elders and the sick across the bridge and into the next dimension. Hold us close to you when we must leave old ways behind to embrace what is next for us. Remind us that change is not to be feared, but cradled in recognition.

― Pixie Lighthorse

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